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Anybody rolling with Henry @ NYG? Does he catch lightning in a bottle 2 weeks in a row? (1 Viewer)


Would be shocked if ANYONE started Henry last week.

Was it a breakout game or just a fluke?  With all the injuries at RB, Henry could be relevant. 

Anybody rolling with Henry this week?  If so, who are you starting him over?

Absolutely starting him, but I have Gordon, Conner, Ekeler.  Not expecting lightening in a bottle, but he seems to have become very startable with upside.

I don't get to see many Titans games, but from I gather, he is being utilized better and just getting more carries period.

Going to be tough to keep him off the field from a coaching staff standpoint after 250 yards and 4 TDs.

Benched for Justin Jackson already for RB2 on a team  where I just can't find a way to fit him in at a flex spot and put in at flex for TY Hilton in another league, but if TY had been healthy Henry would have remained on my both benches.

Something to consider is that he has followed almost every good game of his career with a stinker. Granted not a lot of good games in his career but I'd read the other day that he's had 3 100 yards game in his career, counting postseason, and followed up those 3 games with a 1.8 YPC average. 33 carries in those 3 games for 60 yards when the previous weeks he went a combined  53 for 396.

I'm still debating on starting Henry at my flex spot over Curtis Samuel.  Samuel has been posting steady FF points.  Hate to take a goose egg with Henry if he reverts back to dud status, but his performance last week is definitely making this  a tough decision.

I got Cook and Samuels...I just don’t trust Henry.

in saying that, I consider him over cook.

Oh look what happens when you make Henry your workhorse. Idiots. Held him for two and a half years and dropped him 5 weeks ago. 

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Well the first half worked out.

He looks really good.  Wondering where this guy has been all season?
He faced a murderer's row of run defenses to start the year and the coaches used dion because they wanted someone multi dimensional.  He's always been this guy - they just haven't been feeding him until the last 2 weeks. 

The real question is what happens with him next year. Contract year, dion is getting close to the end, offensive line should be healthier... could be huge. 


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