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Arizona at Tampa Bay (1 Viewer)

Fitzy playing? Looks like everybody on the team has a catch except him.

0 targets.

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For those watching the game...is Vincent Jackson just a decoy? in the game at all? just not getting targets?

Tremendous INT by Jonathan Banks. Got a lot of height on his leap and stretched his right arm out to reel it in. Looked like Palmer underthrew it a bit. Good drive ends with 0 points.

Glennon tried to hit an open V-Jax over the middle but its a poorly thrown incompletion.

Now a deep throw to Jackson but its way overthrown.

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Martin can't hold onto the handoff from Glennon and AZ recovers. Thought Bucs might have been able to put the game away with a score on that drive. Now a fantastic sideline catch by Housler sets up the Cards deep in TB territory.

Incredible. Glennon throws over the middle to a covered V-Jax. Peterson INT. Next play TD to Fitz. Bucs blowing another one.

Pretty weak to essentially kneel down on third down and then kick a field goal with over a minute and a half to go.

Ugly win by Arizona, but a win nonetheless.

Tampa should have dealt Freeman in the offseason. Weak draft class and coming off a 'career year' statistically.

Tampa's HC should be fired. Rookie QB in his first start, protecting a lead late, on you own 40, second down and TWO....and you stick the rookie in shotgun and THROW??????

Not a good team, but JFC, that's dumb.

There defense is steller. That offense could be OK, but the play calling and head coaching is killing them.


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