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Atl sign Stephen Williams now! (1 Viewer)


I suggest that Atl sign S.Williams who recently got cut by Sea. Big body WR that has showed potential with ARIZ and also like it up in preseason with Sea. What do you think?

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So he went from the 4-1 Seahawks, who are averaging 27 points/game to the 0-5 Jags who are averaging 10 points/game. His QB went from one with a QB rating of 91.2 to one with a 73.2.

He must be thrilled...and by thrilled I mean "wanting to go throw up somewhere."

AGENT: "Well, the good news is you got picked off waivers..."

WILLIAMS: "GREAT!!! Who claimed me? The Lions? The Falcons...they've got injuries I heard...the Eagles maybe?"

AGENT: "Ummm...not that good of a team...it's the..."

WILLAIMS: "What like the Cardinals or Rams...or the Steelers maybe?"

AGENT: "No, it's the Jaguars"


AGENT: "Hello??"


AGENT: "At least you have a job playing a game still"

WILLIAMS: :hifive:


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