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Barry Sanders highlight video? (1 Viewer)

It's a google video of a few Barry Sanders runs. Perhaps you don't have the right plugin installed if you aren't seeing anything.

here (you need real player)


edit: the last 2 runs on this clip (starting at around 3:30)are my 2 favorite of his. The first one where he puts the double move on that Pats db and makes him spin in a complete circle and runs right by him, and then the one where he's going down in a pile with 4 Bears defenders and just pops out, hurdles the pile and takes it all the way. :banned:


http://www.nada.kth.se/~peterr/killers/Mix...arrySanders.wmv This is the same one as posted in the above (google video) but here is a WMV you can download if you want.

Another: : EDITED TO ADD, DONT BOTHER. IT'S THE SAME "FORREST GUMP MUSIC" Clip. why it's 25M, who knows???

http://server.dward.us/NFL/Barry%20Sanders%20clips.mpg haven't watched this yet, it a SLOW download of a 25M file (It's downloading for me now at about 13K/s :yawn: )

more links here:


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I taped the 1 or 2 hour long (can't remember) show on Barry Sanders that aired some years back. I can't remember if it was when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame (from ESPN Classic) or if it was from earlier on Fox Sports Network. I want to say it was called "Gone!" or something like that.I did some quick searches on Amazon, eBay, etc but didn't find it. I'd bet they replay it around July/August each year on ESPN Classic as the Hall of Fame game and induction ceremonies roll around. Good luck finding it though.. it's a great one to have.

Don't have a link to the video, but I recall a run in which he spun a defensive back right around. I believe it was Myron Guyton on the Patriots.One of the best runs I've ever seen...

Don't have a link to the video, but I recall a run in which he spun a defensive back right around. I believe it was Myron Guyton on the Patriots.

One of the best runs I've ever seen...
Oh yeah, I think maybe I remember that one.
Here's a great compilation:


there's 3 or 4 shorter ones there too. That one though shows two of his greatest: the Washington game where two hit him simultaneously and he somehow does a 360 between them and they go flying off in opposite directions - simply unreal. And #2 is the Buffalo clip where he gets tossed down only to spin on his hand, reverse field, hit the corner and score. A ouple also show how no one has ever frozen a linebacker in the open field like Barry...simply amazing. the early Minny clip is a great example.


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