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**Bears at Browns**(-3, 37.5) 1:00 (1 Viewer)

Not too many weeks ago, I was completely disgusted with coaching on the Bears and simply checking in on a regular basis to see if the coaches had been fired yet. Suddenly they are entertaining to watch again. Eberflus, has the defense playing very solid football. The addition of Sweat as well as the development of some of the younger players has made a dramatic difference. The offense is making progress as Fields continues to show progress. I honestly think the Bears have a solid shot at winning this game. It will be interesting to see how Fields handles Cleveland's defense compared to his first start two years ago when Nagy through him to the wolves.
I think this might be the best game of the early window.. Both teams are actually playing well.

I can see Fields making a play or two more than Flacco and Bears winning a thriller.
Feel bad for Fields. He throws a perfect bomb to a wide open Tonyan, and he just drops it. Feel like Fields has like 1 of those a game.
Awesome TD pass by Fields. Shaking Myles Garrett, running away from pursuit, and hitting Kmet in the back corner of the endzone.

Like 5-6 QBs in the NFL can make that play, and why its really hard for us Bears fans to say that they should take a QB at #1.
4th & 2

bring in DTR and he gets it with a flip to Ford

Tillman with a 13 yarder to the 1

Hunt yard loss

Njoku with an incredible catch in the back of the end zone for the game tying score
When I had to pull Tyreek I had 2 options today Cooper and Flowers........I choose poorly
Tillman getting a lot of targets…how does he look?
Does that answer your question...
He has been getting some targets lately but not a lot of receptions. I didnt know if he was dropping passes/running sloppy routes/receiving poor passes….just curious as a dynasty holder.
When I posted that, he just let one ricochet off his hands for a pick 6. Flacco does go to him quite a bit, but he is definitely raw.

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