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Being offered a trade for my backup QBs, does the trade look fair? (1 Viewer)


Full PPR 12 Team
I have C.J Stroud and Murray and I’ve been offered Javonte Williams for either one. Should I take it and if so for who. Also should I ask for someone better from his team or does it look fair.
He has in his team
Aaron Jones
Javonte Williams
Mike Evans
Jonnu Smith
Michael Thomas
Dalvin Cook
K. Hunt
R. Mostert
I couldn’t trade Stroud right now. Show your roster, is JW a upgrade?
My team is
QB: Herbert
RB: J. Taylor
RB: Bijan
WR: Kupp
WR: Cooper
TE: Hock
Flex: Diontae
QB:CJ Stroud
WR: Dotson
WR: Drake London
DEF: Jets
IR WR Palmer
It’s a fair offer, but I don’t think he’s any better than what you have now. RBs coming off of knee injuries tend to take 2 years to get the explosion back. I think I would look elsewhere.
I assume this is redraft and a 1 QB league. If that is the case I would do this trade as you have zero RB depth and wouldn't need to carry three QB's. I would love to off load one of the QB's to get depth like that. Also, with having Herbert I might try and move both QB's to improve starters/depth at other positions in the coming weeks. Starters are the most important thing come playoff time as typically if you get an injury in game it usually ends your season anyway.

I would trade Murray as I think Stroud has shown to be the real deal if I had to pick one of the two to move.

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