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Bell for Fournette? (1 Viewer)


I have Fournette. I was think of offering him for Bell.  It’s a 12 team league with 1 PPR. Winning the league gets $1,000. The guy that has Bell isn’t high on him. My other Rb’s are Kamara, C. Thompson, and Ronald Jones. I’m hesitant because 2 things, 1) when is Bell coming back, and 2) how likely is he to get hurt since he missed training camp. Any advice would be appreciated!

I stick with Fournette since you also have Kamara. Both are good PPR guys at RB. I think they're both going to have above average seasons. And right now you can count on them playing 16 games. Who knows how long Bell will hold out?

I agree stick with Fournette. You never know when Bell will come back. You have a guy in Fournette who is going to get a ton of carries and also redzone touches.

I'd question making the deal even if Bell were coming back this week (because of how long it'd take him to shake the rust). With not knowing when he'll be back this season, I would clearly prefer Fournette.


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