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The only thing keeping him off the WW in most leagues now is his name. If any other QB was putting up his numbers, he'd be viewed as an OK backup and someone who could easily be replaced if a better option or one with more upside was available. I think in smaller leagues he's someone who could be dropped right now. In most he probably won't be but I don't think he can be started going forward. Not only has he been a huge bust, but he's hurt, he's playing scared in the pocket and he simply hasn't put up consistent QB1 numbers this season. We're nine weeks into the season and there's no reason to think anything is going to change. In fact, it's probably going to get worse. Even if his shoulder injury doesn't keep him out of any games, if you start him you have to worry each week if he'll be able to make it through the entire game. That's a poor starting option in my opinion.

So Ben Roethlisberger owners, what are you going to do with the guy? Anybody else waving the white flag and surrendering?

ETA - Oh and this isn't a thread for those who said Roethlisberger was overrated or would be a bust and all that to come in and say I told you so. There's already a thread for that. I'm interested in seeing what other Roethlisberger owners are planning to do with the guy going forward.

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I did several weeks ago.

He gets hit way too much, I saw this coming.

Only problem is I traded him and Hines Ward for Matt Hasslebeck, Torry Holt, and Patrick Kearny :excited:

I did several weeks ago.He gets hit way too much, I saw this coming.Only problem is I traded him and Hines Ward for Matt Hasslebeck, Torry Holt, and Patrick Kearny :thumbup:
Drug induced trade or did the other team have naked compromising pictures of you doing something you can't mention on this board?
The Steelers made a conscious decsion in the offseason to upgrade their skill positions by acquiring Sweed and Mendenhall at the expense of patching holes in the offensive line with the loss of Faneca. This is in part due to a request by Roethlisberger himself that the team draft a tall wide receiver.

The net result is that Pittsburgh's O-Line is going to be hurting for the next couple of years while they rebuild it and Big Ben is going to get hurried and knocked down a lot. I still think he is a top-5 dynasty quarterback, but in the short term my expectations are definitely tempered.


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