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Ben Tate Week 10 (1 Viewer)


Looking for thoughts on Tate as a starter this weekend if Foster is out. What do you think he can do?


Would think he would get the lion's share of carries

Keenum showed last week he can beat you through the air


Rib injury could get aggrevated in the game

Playing on the road

Arizona is not a good matchup vs. the run

I was shocked at FBG ranking him as a fringe RB2/RB3. I would think the pure volume makes him a pretty good candidate for 100 or so comined yards, 2-3 REC and 50/50 for a TD.

It sucks keeping him stashed on my bench all year waiting for this opportunity and then he goes and gets four cracked ribs. He said after last week it only hurt to breath and laugh. That does not sound like a positive thing to me and I would not be confident starting him. I didn't see the game last week, but four cracked ribs and that much pain doesn't make him sound like the best candidate for goal line work and if he has little chance to score a TD, then his 50-60 rushing yards really don't do much for me.

That being said, I'm using this opportunity to try to trade him to the Arian Foster owner this week to see if I can upgrade at WR.

As a Foster owner, I tentatively have Tate in my starting lineup this week. Tate showed some real grit playing through the rib injury last week, and I fully expect he will do the same this week, but it no doubt hampers his value. There is always a chance Tate aggravates the injury and exits early, and you have to wonder if the team will be able to lean on Tate heavily, but what are their real options at this point? Keenum will continue to try to open the passing game up, and Dennis Johnson will spell Tate, but to the extent he can gut it out, Tate should get enough carries to at least make him a viable fantasy start. I think the FBG ranking is about right, however, considering the risk.

Edit to add: I like Tate to post similar numbers to last week (22 carries for 81 yards, 0 TDs), but I also expect Houston will try to get Dennis Johnson more involved.

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What I don't get is why they are talking about how his ribs are hurting and it hurts to move and breathe. Why not just list him on the injury report and be quiet about the severity.

Arizona guys licking their chops to get a shot at those ribs.

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.

Hate the matchup. On the road, injured, against a good rush D that is coming off a bye .

I would Rather see him rest and dig into those juicy matchups the four weeks after this one. I am keeping him on my bench in favor of James.

I am not concerned about the ribs after last week.

I am concerned about the match-up

I am concerned about Tate's ability ... He has never done much when given the opportunity

I'm starting him but my options are slim..

I wish his ribs were intact, it's obviously limiting him and capping his upside.

The match-up is bad but not AS bad as it may seem. Very recently they've allowed both Gore (25/101/0) and Lynch (21/91/1) to put up respectable stat lines.

I am worried about D. Johnson. He looked fresh and twice as quick as Tate. It's possible he does indeed see a bit more work.

Ultimately, I believe his floor to be around 50-60 total yards and his ceiling to be around 80-90 with a TD assuming he sees around 20 touches again. I think he'll make for a decent flex play in standard leagues. It really all does come down to volume, however.

EDIT: Here's an encouraging quote..

Tate said he still feels the pain, but luckily, he can also tell the healing process is coming along nicely.

“I think they’re getting better," Tate said. "They’re definitely getting better. From last Wednesday to this Wednesday, it’s definitely a lot better.”
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Can't decide between him and trich. Has a nice schedule down the stretch so if he can keep getting 20 carries, he is a nice rb2.


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