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Benson to start vs Pitt (1 Viewer)

Outlook: 12 carries 27 yards, 2 rec for 7 yards...I'll pass this week. But does that mean perry is now resigned to be the 3rd down back?

Can't say that I'm surprised. Now let's see if he actually shows something vs. Pittsburgh (doubtful, but worth keeping an eye on).

Any indication of how it shakes out under him? Watson=3rd down/Perry=bench? Or vice-versa?

Based only on the deals I saw this week that were turned down where he was included as a throw in, he should average 100+yds, 1-2 tds and a minimum of 40-60 yds receiving per week.

The Bengals announced Sunday that Cedric Benson has overtaken Chris Perry as the team's starting tailback.Benson certainly isn't a good play against Pittsburgh as more than a flex, but becomes the Bengals' most valuable back in fantasy leagues. Still, he won't play on any third downs and expectations should be low. Kenny Watson's role seems likely to increase and Perry could stay involved some.
I think he'll actually do fairly well this week. I think Fitz will be able to move the ball on the steelers. This should allow Benson to see some running room. Steelers aren't as good as their record says. Bengals in an upset.

I wonder if LeRon McClain or Benson would be the better player from this moment on. I guess we shall see this week.

Bengals RB Benson starts for Perry

Updated: October 19, 2008, 10:57 AM EST

CINCINNATI (AP) - Running back Cedric Benson replaced struggling Chris Perry in the Cincinnati Bengals' starting lineup Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Benson was signed as a free agent two weeks ago and has been trying to learn an offense that is substantially different from the one he had in Chicago. With Perry averaging only 2.6 yards per carry and fumbling five times, coach Marvin Lewis made his first notable change in the starting lineup.

The Bengals came in 0-6 with the second-worst running game in the NFL.

from foxsports


what if u were in a deep league and starting Jamaal Charles? then Benson isn't so horrible... maybe? I think I'll roll Benson.

I'm struggling with who to pickup when I drop Perry... Benson... Watson... or none of these bozos. Ugh, I really am struggling here. I just can't see Benson being the guy.

Perry's effort when given the starting job has been shockingly poor. I never expected him to rip the league up and tempered my expectations even more so when Palmer was injured yet I still imagined he could get more than 3 yards per carry and would manage to hold on to the football.

Perry is a terrible, terrible running back and a really awful squad. While Benson won't make much of a difference, this is one of those cases where change - any change - is worth it.

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I started him cause if there ever was a week to do it it would be now. He will play harder today than ever has in his career I expect.

Finally a reason to cut bait on Perry. Count me in the minority, but I actually think that while Benson may not put up huge numbers, he'll put forth some effort.

He's running hard today. He looks better than Perry did for sure.
I can't watch, but it doesn't SOUND like it at all from game tracker: 1 yard run (1st and 10)8 yard run (2nd and 25) - Decent run but defense was back I'm sure1 yard run (1st and 10)2 yard run (2nd and 10)4 yard run (2nd and 4) - Decent run6 yard run (1st and 10) - Solid run3 yard run (2nd and 4) - didn't get the 1st1 yard run (2nd and 8)5 yard run (1st and 10) - Solid run1 yard run (2nd and 3) - didn't get the 1stAlso had 1 catch for 10 yards. Doesn't sound good at all to me. In fact, that is the epitome of a Chris Perry line this year. I'd love to hear if it sounds better than that, but this has the makings of a "lets give Watson a shot" situation to me.
Benson looked far better than Perry has this year. He showed much more ability to hit the hole than Perry did. I think Benson could have some good games against weaker Ds.

Benson looked far better than Perry has this year. He showed much more ability to hit the hole than Perry did. I think Benson could have some good games against weaker Ds.
Not too many of those games on the upcoming schedule:@ Houston (#25 fantasy rush defense)

vs Jacksonville (#15)

vs Philadelphia (#8)

@ Pittsburgh (#3)

vs Baltimore (#1)

@ Indianapolis (#26)

vs Washington (#4)

@ Cleveland (#27)


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