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Best Buy can kiss my fanny good-bye (1 Viewer)

Prices have improved big time from where they were several years ago. I bought a TV and printer in the last year that were priced below both Amazon and Newegg.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how this store is still open. I know absolutely no one who goes there.
I used to go there nearly once a week back in the 90s, but now I only go there a few times a year (usually when a CD comes out that I want on release day).

And the worst part about there always being so many employees working is, you have 30 employees walking around doing God knows what, but meanwhile, there are only two checkout lanes open and both lines are five or six people deep.
People still buy CDs? :mellow:

Eminence said:
My father has worked with Best Buy for the past 15 years. Their services spread far beyond their physical retail stores.

The company is loaded.
And he can't get you a job there so you don't have to work in a Walgreens?

I had meant to start a thread like this a few months back. I literally got shook down by a best buy geek squad manager.

I spent > :30 minutes picking out a new TV, a wall mount, speakers - basicaly a whole new entertainment package for the living room. The total bill came to just > $5K. I told them that I was traveling on business and that it had to be done within the next two weeks otherwise I'd have to wait over a month and if that was the case i was just going to wait it out. The department manager made a bunch of phone calls and called the geek squad desk and couldn't get a time opened up that worked for me. Finaly he says to me that he doesn't want to loose the sale he is going to talk to the king of the geeks, as said King just walks by. So he calls his name and within ear shot he tells him about the big sale and how he needs to get him to fit me in if posible. The Geek asks him "well what level installation service is he going to buy? If it's the standard service then I'm not wasting the time but if he wants to pony up the $600 for the deluxe package I'll get him in this weekend". At this point I don't even let the sales manager speak and I give him the old "excuse me, I didn't hear you" routine. Without skiping a beat he says "I can only fit a premium instalation". So I ask him what I will get for the extra $500. He runs though a small list and the only differance is they will progam all the remotes. 100% the only REAL differance between the two. So I bottom line it for him and ask him "so you want me to pay $500 for you to program a remote for me?" "No, it's for the premium serive. - Your chances of geting us to show up within the next two weeks are greatly enhanced if you get the premium serivce". "This is nothing more then a shake down - your shaking me down for $500 so you can meet some sort of target arent' you?"

I'm not exactly proud of the next :30 seconds, but in short I told him to fornic@te with himself and nice job screwing BB out of a >$5K sale and that I'll be calling the GM for the area.

Truth be told I ended up going to BJ's wholesale club and finding the exact same equipment and installed it myself and saved well over $2K - so it all worked out. But I was furious.
I forgot about how pissed I was this day.... man was I upset at that little mailto:b@stard title=E-mail Link

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