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Best Oline in the NFL (1 Viewer)




Maybe Vikes

Who is the FBG census of the best oline entering 2006?
RG Randy Thomas

RT Jon Jansen

C Casey Rabach

LT Chris Samuels

LG Derrick Dockery

Four current or recent Pro Bowl players along that Washington Offensive Line. And one of the best (if not the best) Offensive Line Coaches in the history of the NFL in current Assistant Head Coach Joe Bugel. RB Clinton Portis had plenty of holes to run through while averaging almost 100 yards per game rushing...and QB Mark Brunell had plenty of time to throw the ball all year long.

Washington has the best Offensive Line in the NFL going into the 2006 season...this is a very nice mix of solid veteran players all coming into the prime of their NFL careers.

I certainly wasn't impressed with the Skins o-line in the playoffs against Seattle. Yes, Portis wasn't at 100%, but that was beside the point. The holes simply weren't there.Of course, maybe Seattle's defense is just that good ;)
And of course in that game they had 42-year old Ray Brown replacing Randy Thomas at RG, who IMHO was their best lineman last year.
You certainly must think very highly of Randy Thomas. I'd say that it's a major stretch to make out that line to be the best in football heading into next year. I'd be curious to hear if anyone outside of Redskins land shares your sentiment.
Calling 4 recent Pro Bowl O-Lineman who are coming into their second full season of playing together a "major stretch" to be the top O-Line in 2006 is :loco: And I'm waaaaay outside of Washington land making this call.

By the way, Randy Thomas is one of the top 3 Guards in the NFL. So he isn't the only one who thinks very highly of Thomas.
I mistakenly thought he was the one who said the Redskins will have the best o-line in football next year. It turns out, it was you that was making that wild claim.All he said was that during the Seahawks vs Redskins playoff game they were missing Thomas. And that's a valid point.

As far as the 4 recent pro bowlers thing goes, Samuels is a perennial pro bowler, Jansen is not (has he even made the pro bowl yet?), Rabach to my knowledge has never made the pro bowl, Derrick Dockery has never made the pro bowl, and Randy Thomas was named as a third alternate to the Pro Bowl 3 years ago. I only count two, but my search was not particulary thorough. Feel free to correct me.


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