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looks like a good match up this week vs nyg, and I'd give him a pass on az, but what was his excuse the week before vs balt?

I couldnt make myself watch that game vs Balt. I do think he is in line for a solid week vs Gints. He had a huge week the last time they played, 13 solos I think. The Gints will pound it up the middle, a lot, I think thats where the Eagles weakness is. I have Q Mikell, and he should be a good play also coming up on run support. Gints seemed to throw to the sidelines a lot vs Wash. So if Philly corners can cover average WRs, Gints will be forced into more straight ahead running, which should increase chances for Bradley and safeties.

I have Willis, Ruud and Bradley, need to start 2 this week, all three look solid on paper vs their opponent. I might make a wrong choice, but I dont think it will be a bad choice.

25 solos to the defensive line in the Raven game. Jordan had eight and Mikell five, however, so it's hard to give Bradley a complete pass there. Giants are as good a matchup as an ILB will get this time of the year. Bradley would seemingly be a lock for 7+ solos, with double digits within reasonable reach.

25 solos to the defensive line in the Raven game.
that's kind of interesting ---- what should I make of that?was the balt o-line just really ineffective at pushing philly off the ball?
I remember watching the game and noting the Philly line playing well, but hadn't noticed the tackle discrepancy until I looked today. Ravens only averaged 2.8 ypc (which includes 15 and 28 yard runs). Ray Rice had seven yards on eight rushes, including a nine yard run. Just speculating, but it was probably a situation where the Eagles knew they could plug the box and crash gaps given the usual heavy run-pass distribution of the Raven offense.

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