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Brandon Bolden Questionable - is he actually hurt? (1 Viewer)

I don't trust the Patriots to be honest about their injury report so no I don't think he's actually injured.

he was questionable last week, started the game actually, and had no discernible injuries - no injuries were reported throughout the week - BB is the coach . . .

you decide.

figued i'd bump this one for week 5 info.

found this on nflspinzone.com. anyone have more info re: bolden this week? seems like a better chance for a decent game w/ ridley out and only sharing w/ blount @ CIN.

The status of Brandon Bolden is less certain, though, because he aggravated a knee injury against the Falcons, and he has been limited at practice throughout the week. Not only that, but NESN’s Doug Kyed reports that Bolden was noticeably limping during practice today, even though he was “moving better”. I fully expect him to play this week, but I still don’t view him as a viable fantasy play, unless if Ridley is a no-go. That’s a very real possibility, so keep your eyes peeled on that. While Ridley’s injury is considered minor, he hasn’t practiced all week. Bolden will be nicked up going into this week’s game, so don’t expect him to get much of a workload.

No one knows because its the Pats - he has been listed as questionable literally the entire season.

I will be unavailable on Sunday morning when the inactives are released, so I am playing him (since he traveled with the team).

The "Bolden was noticeably limping during practice today" is what has me concerned more than anything else. I think he hurt it last week trying to block a LB on a pass play iirc, but did come back and play in the 2nd half.


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