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Brees for a Top WR ? (take a look tell me what you think) (1 Viewer)


Hey guys.. I try not to put requests out like this, but I drafted Brees and Goff so that I could hopefully use one for a trade later in the season.

I have been starting Goff recently and I now have a team interested in Brees...  here are the vitals:

My team: (5-3 (second place in div behind a 6-2 team)

QB: Goff/Brees

RB: James White, James Conner, Lev Bell, Leo Fournette, Ekeler

WR: Davante Adams, K Golladay, Sammy Watkins, Marvin Jones, Keke Coutee, Tre'Quan Smith

TE: Hooper

Other Team: (7-1, first place opposite div)

QB: Stafford/Dalton

RB: Aaron Jones, Chubb, Saquon Barkley, Joe Mixon, Royce Freeman, Peyton Barber

WR: Hopkins, E. Sanders, Doug Baldwin, Tyler Boyd

TE: Njoku, Kittle

The offer: 

He asked what position I would want to trade for Brees.  I think WR is my most unsteady position right now.

I offered up Brees for Hopkins straight up and he rejected (I assumed he would)

His Counter was Stafford and Baldwin for Brees (I rejected)

My Counter was Brees/Watkins or one of my Lions WRs  for Stafford/Sanders  .... and this is where we stand.. I highly doubt he will go for it as my history with trades and this owner are poor. He always looks for lopsided trades.

Do you guys think I am asking too much for Brees?  Not enough?  do you think there is another trade here that I am missing?

I don't get why you want another WR. You are better off going for a combo like a TE like Kittle as a starter and a RB like Aaron Jones for depth. If you really want to go for a WR then Sanders and Boyd are good additions but with your WR depth not really a priority.

I felt that Sanders was a WR1 in my WR2 slot.. do you not think he's a significant upgrade over the other guys?

I agree with beerbuff.  When I first read the post my initial thought was Kittle and Jones.  I think that helps your team a lot more than Sanders would.  With Tate gone I see both Jones and Golladay getting an up tick and don't really see Sanders as that much of an upgrade.  I guess he takes some of the guesswork out of the decision but any of Watkins, Golladay, Jones and even Traquon Smith will put up similar numbers week to week as Sanders.  You just have to pick the right one.


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