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Brees Results Announced Today (1 Viewer)


Brees' MRI Results to Be Announced Monday

SAN DIEGO (Jan. 1) - Chargers quarterback Drew Brees was scheduled to have an MRI exam on his injured right shoulder on Sunday, but the team didn't plan to release the results until Monday.

"I'm not going to comment on anything until they do," Brees said when reached by phone.

General manager A.J. Smith and trainer James Collins didn't return calls seeking comment.

Club spokesman Bill Johnston said Smith didn't plan to release any details Sunday.

Brees sustained a dislocated throwing shoulder in a 23-7 loss to the Denver Broncos on Saturday, and the team feared he might also have a torn labrum, which could require surgery.

Brees' injury could complicate the Chargers' decision on what to do with their quarterback surplus. Brees played this year under an $8 million, one-year contract as the team's "franchise" player, while backup Philip Rivers has four years left on his contract.

Rivers replaced Brees on Saturday and led the Chargers on their only scoring drive.

The Chargers (9-7) missed the playoffs for the ninth time in 10 seasons.

01/01/06 21:45 EST

I feel bad for the guy - that shoulder could possibly cost him millions.As a Jets homer, I'd love for the team to make a play for him if the Chargers don't use the franchise tag again. Besides, the Jets doctors are used to QBs with damaged shoulders.


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