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Browns @ Raiders (1 Viewer)

Baker with three passes. 

2 drops and one deflection for a pick 6.  

cant make this stuff up.  

If you could choose the the first team your rookie would start against this year, it would be the raiders.

Mayfield has only been working with the first string for a week. 

catching a ball from him has to be a lot different than from Tyrod “float them in there” Taylor.

i’m hoping the drops will go down once the receivers get used to Mayfields lazer-rockets.  

This Mayfield kid is good.  Could Tyrod make that pass? :D

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As soon as i saw how long the kick off was in the air, I said, stay in the end zone.

Dude has bad judgement.

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Browns just got screwed I have never seen a hit on the QB called in the grasp like that he fumbled and the Browns should have had a TD and would be up 8.

How do you overturn that?? Not only did it look like he definitely reached the first down marker, no way there was any angle to prove he didn’t. I’m baffled. 

I thought that Carr fumble that was ruled his progress had stopped was wild. Now this..


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