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Buffalo at New Orleans (1 Viewer)

Ouch. That hurt.

Jerry Hughes showing off that revamped d. This defense isn't a joke anymore. -7 yard drive for Brees to open game.

Missed it !

Being a Bills fan (or a Bill for that matter) absolutely sucks. First play of the game is a turnover with the QB likely out for the game. Unreal.

But awesome job by the defense there.

Bills really dodged a bullet there. Hopefully Tuel can play more like preseason then Cleveland

Defense playing inspired. Kyle Williams with the huge 3rd down tackle for a loss. This defensive line is playing like the best unit in the league right now. Love watching those guys do their thing

Damnit. Defense playing great but you can only give Drew Brees so many chances inside the 30 yard line.

Lewis needs to pull it together , quickly .

Didn't realize the NFL finally got rid of one of the dumbest rules in the history of the league. Glad it's gone, but could have used it there.

Dear Bills:

Please stop turning the ball over. The Saints are perfectly capable of beating you all by themselves. They don't need your help.



well i guess i should have picked up moore instead of sills
Stills did get the start. I think Moore is playing the slot in 3WR sets.

Saints had -1 yards in the game a few minutes ago so it's not like anyone has had a chance to do much yet.

I believe the Saints weakness is apparent , the offensive line is just not getting it done against the better defensive fronts especially in the run game. I am not sure what can be done about it and who can be had in free agency that is of any real value before the trade deadline. Looks like the Saints will depend on Drew too much again this season.

Uggghhhhh Thad looks terrible. It's a damn shame too. This defense came out playing lights out.

Hopefully they don't get discouraged by Lewis' ineptitude. Any hope of winning this game is going to come down to turnovers, defensive TD's, or special team's TD's for the Bills.

Thad needs to get out of the game. He looks shell shocked.

But stupid Bills management is using Tuel as the backup again.....not really an option. :(

Hard to blame Thad a ton. The second fumble was awful, but he has had guys immediately in his face on every snap.

And bad luck on that converted 4th down. Alonso absolutely had Thomas but just tripped.

That's a BS roughing the passer call. Just put a dress on them and be done with it
Yup. And Dierdorf doesn't know the rules once again. What a shocker.
Dierdorf is one of my most hated announcers. He was all over the ref's **** on how that was such a great call; he's a "defenseless" player. What??? He's a QB that dropped back to pass and just barely got rid of the ball in time. What do they want the defensive players to do?

Ref's making up for bad call. Getting Brees twice now on false starts. Its about time they started to call those. QB's get away with that way too often

NICE! Missed again.

Saints letting the Bills hang around in this one... That is exactly what this team needs.

Thad pulling it back together. If he can keep this up, we might be alright. He has canon for an arm when he wants to stick one in there.

Ha ha just as Deerdorf says Bills offense is missing a lot of explosiveness without CJ Choice rips one.

I dont see how they can call a QB for trying to cause an aggressive defense jump off sides. These call are Total B.S. I see QB's do this in almost every NFL game.

This Saints' defense can be carved up in the running game. Man, I wish Spiller was healthy.

If they can keep running the ball this well, things should really open up for Lewis playaction wise.


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