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Cardinals vs Packers - Week 13 (1 Viewer)

its wet, windy, and cold. so far its been the Aaron Jones show and I have a feeling it'll keep with that theme 

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This Packer offense blows and it’s not all McCarthy again.  Rodgers has been missing guys or throwing in positions making it harder to catch and run.

So is there a good answer why Edmonds is getting the red zone work?  Or just the way things have gone for those of us that have DJ?  I can't play him going forward.

Did something happened to A. Jones? he hasn't recorded even a yard since the end of the first quarter. Is he injured?


I don't read whining from anybody.  It comes across as reasonable frustration because McCarthy is, well, being McCarthy.

A few plays before the TD Jones entered the game and the home crowd gave a noticable Bronx cheer.  For good reason.

In every game Williams gets any carries there has been the same complaining.  McCarthy blows...but the offense and running game weren’t effective.  I don’t think it’s odd for them to try Williams at that point.

The Cardinals keep running Johnson inside for some tough yards.

Rosen a bit off target on the 3rd down attempt to Fitzgerald.

Cardinals take back the lead but still 1 minute and 41 seconds left for the Packers to work with.

Cobb had some room to work with but falls down on the catch due to the low ball from Rodgers.

Rogers pointing to himself, his bad for the low throw.

It was another bad pass though too. MVS at the sticks and Rodgers threw it short.
Yeah I saw the space over there before they even snapped the ball.

A lot of his throws were a bit behind on that drive. Adams struggled getting back to one too.

Still it was on MVS hands. He needs to catch those.

And the Bears pull a come back with Chase Daniels in the road.

McCarthy probably shouldn’t even finish the season.


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