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Chad Pennington vs. Chargers (1 Viewer)


The noodle-armed Pennington is back after a bye week hiatus and he gets the San Diego Chargers at home. On paper, this looks like a pretty tasty match-up for Chad. The Chargers consistently give up passing yards and points, and they have to travel across the country to play a Dolphins team that has some momentum and confidence from their thrashing of the Patriots in Week 3. San Diego's offense should continue to roll and force the Dolphins to throw plenty.

I'm thinking 270 yds, 2 tds and 1 int - which definitely makes him startable.

What do you guys think is realistic for Pennington stat-wise this week?

The Chargers have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing QBs (26.0 fppg) and TEs (16.4 fppg) which does seem to scream out "get Pennington active now" (to use some famous board venacular), since TEs have been Miami's biggest weapons in the passing game thus far.

I'm not sure that Pennington is the QB that can exploit this matchup or that the Miami game plan will allow it anyway. Also, you must consider that these stats are skewed a little by the Week 2 matchup with Denver where Cutler had a huge game against them.

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Chargers D is turning the corner. 11 sacks in past two games. Pennington is going to take a beating in the 2nd half.

Cromartie gets a pick 6 on one of chad's telegraphed, lolly pop out routes. It's pretty much a certainty.

I wouldnt play him unless you have no nother options

I gotta agree with the OP... I'll likely come to regret it, but I actually dropped Palmer and picked up Penny just to play him this week. :thumbup:


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