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Chester Taylor signed by MIN (1 Viewer)


The Minnesota Vikings announced on Saturday evening that they have signed former Baltimore Ravens free agent running back Chester Taylor to a four-year, $14.1 million contract, with $5.6 million in guaranteed money.

I can't imagine he would have signed this deal so soon unless he had a really good indication that he was 'their guy'.

It looks like Chester will be thier Rb 1 in a WCO with MM being able to spell him when needed or in case of an injury. Possibly a RBBC between the 2 as they both have similar skills and abilities.

I think thats enough of a financial investment that may mean the Vikings will not be looking for a 1st round Rb in the draft. But that remains to be seen. It does give them some flexibility.

With that kind of money invested in him, I couldn't see Minnesota using him as a "change of pace" or 3rd down back. But then again, this IS Minnesota we're talking about....


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