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regurgitated at MFL

MOJO Sports Radio AM730 reports the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to the terms of a two-year contract with CB Dante Marsh of the CFL. He played for the British Columbia Lions in 2005. Agent Jason Medlock said Marsh is expected to finalize and sign the contract later Friday, Feb. 10 or Monday, Feb. 13.

Chiefs | Team will not sign Marsh; he's expected to return to the CFL

Tue, 14 Feb 2006 13:26:42 -0800

MOJO Sports Radio reports the Kansas City Chiefs have not been able to reach a contract agreement with CFL CB Dante Marsh and he will not be signed. Earlier reports had Marsh reaching an agreement on a two-year contract with the Chiefs. Jason Medlock, the agent for Marsh, told MOJO that the two sides were unable to agree on the bonus money Marsh was to receive. The Chiefs also expressed some concern over what condition Marsh's shoulder is in, something Medlock says will not affect a possible season with the B.C. Lions of the CFL. Medlock now says he will call general manager Wally Buono to try and work out a long term deal with the Lions.


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