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Clinching your division.... (1 Viewer)


What's the earliest anyone here has clinched their division title in FF?? I have played in several leagues with several different formats through the years and I honestly think the EARLIEST I remember anyone ever clinching their division is Week 10. Seems a bit strange that it usually doesn't happen any sooner then this, or does it??

I clinched mine in week 10. 9-1 with the next closest team at 5-5. Playoffs start in week 14, so at worst, I'd still win the division at 9-4 against 8-5.

It's pretty hard to clinch in week 8, since most legues run through at least week 13. If you're 8-0, somebody else in your division only needs to be 3-5 to prevent a clinch at that moment, assuming they can get a tiebreaker. If the league goes to week 14, it makes it harder.

We had someone this season clinch a playoff berth in week 9 - but they virtually had clinched the division, due to only needing 1 more league point to clinch at that moment. Earliest division title clinch I've seen is week 9 as well.

My entire 3 team division clinched a playoff spot the same week in week 10, and I'm in last place in the division. This is the second year in a row all 3 of us have clinched before we re-entered divisional play the second time around, week 10 each time. And I've been in last both seasons.


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