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Combined TE/WR drafting (1 Viewer)


Anyone play in leagues that use receiver positions (WR or TE) with no mandatory TE slot? Am I overlooking too many TEs by thinking that only Graham, Gronk, Witten, Gonzalez, and VDavis are worth taking in this format? Are guys like Finley, Pettigrew, Cameron, Myers, Gresham, etc. really any lower than your typical WR3 or WR4 types?

Not trying to turn this into an AC thread, but I joined one of these leagues this year and it's a format I've never played or really considered.

Our 12 team league does this (starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 receivers, 1 PK). We also have 6 pts per QB too. No PPR, but yardage 1 /10 yds. I've only put maybe 3 or 4 TEs into my rankings. Anything lower than that and I'd rather catch that deep sleeper WR that is gonna 'see the light'. Don't be surprised if QBs go off the board VERY early (there are ALWAYS 6 or 7 gone by the end of the 2nd round in our league). You'd think it would be an easy league, but it's kinda like playing Hold 'em with bad players; their play changes the dynamics a lot.


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