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Commish Corner - Rookie Drafts in Dynasty Leagues (1 Viewer)

Keith R

The Don
If you were Emperor of your/an established 12-team dynasty league...

1. How many rounds would the rookie draft be?

2. How exactly would you deal with roster sizes in regards to the rookie draft

My dynasty league has 6 rounds currently but with a lot of 5th and 6th round cuts, I am considering proposing dropping that to 4 rounds (no teams have traded upcoming 5th or 6th round picks, so no problems on that front). Alternatively, I am considering proposing increasing roster sizes from 22 to 26 (plus 4 IR spots).

Currently, we do not require cuts prior to the draft but instead have a Cut Down Day one week after the end of the draft. This has gotten a little messy and I'm wondering if it would make more sense to reduce rosters before the draft instead.

Assuming a fairly typical starting lineup (something like QRRWWTFDK) I think roster numbers are best between 19 and 22. I'm in a league where we can average D and K spots during those players' bye weeks, saving the need for backups - if not that, maybe no less than 20.

I realize I am in the substantial minority, but I think smaller rosters improve the league. If you add 4 roster spots, as you are considering, you pull essentially the top fifty (well, 48) most valuable players out of the free agent pool. This means that when you have multiple injuries hit and you still need guy, he will be 48 players worse than what would have been available if you had the smaller rosters. Smaller rosters allow in season work to pay off with free agent selections from maybe a small handful of far better choices than large rosters allow. Much larger rosters leave everyone of potential value rostered and much less fun during the season in working your roster. Increased IR spots has a similar but less direct impact.

With that view, I think 4 rounds are as many rookie spots as anyone will need with a smaller roster. I prefer 3 rounds and leaving more available rookies in the FA pool as well.
I would allow for all rookies to be kept and the roster size flexible from the rookie draft up until the week before the NFL season starts. Essentially if you have X number of rounds in the rookie draft then you have roster size + X up until the week before the NFL season. That allows you to view the entire pre season to decide who/what players you want to keep and then cut down prior to the season. Kind of like the NFL where the roster expands and then cuts down to the in season size right before the season.
The dynasty league I’m in is a 4 round rookie draft with a roster size of 26. It’s a 12 team league. I think it’s a pretty nice balance myself.
We may have some odd differences in a 24 team, two-copy, dynasty, devy, best ball league, but it looks like this (and here's the 2022 Rookie Draft)...

2023 Rookie/Devy Draft

Only available (non-rostered) 2023 Rookies, available (non-rostered) 2024 Devy players, and 2025 Devy players are eligible.
Only 1 copy of each Devy can be drafted prior to their draft eligible class (one remains for rookie draft).

Draft will be 3 rounds, 1-24 each round.

During drafts, teams may go over the roster limit of 35. Rosters must be reduced to 35 immediately following the draft.

The draft pick time limit will be 6 hours to start and is shut off overnight from 12PM EST to 8AM EST. As the draft progresses, the draft pick time limit may be shortened with 24 hours’ notice if deemed necessary to complete the draft sooner.

If you let your clock expire, the NFL Draft rule applies. Your pick will be skipped. People picking after you may make selections. You may make your selection at any time by contacting the commissioner with your pick. Must be from available players and commish will get to it when he can. The commissioner is not always available. Replacement picks must be made within a day of the draft ending or they are skipped for good.

Only players and rookie draft picks currently on the orphaned teams’ rosters are draft eligible. NFL free agents are not eligible for selection in the dispersal draft.

Trading of picks and/or players is allowed before and during the draft.

Section IV: Rosters​

In-season (September 1st - January 8th)

Rosters will be 25 max, 10 IR spots, and 10 taxi squad spots.

IR slots only available to players designated as IR or OUT with injury (no suspended players, etc).

Taxi squad players do not score for your team.

There are no restrictions on timing of moving players on and off of taxi squad aside from when rosters lock for games.

Only rookies and devy players are eligible to be placed on the Taxi squad.

All Devy players need to be on the Taxi Squad, they're not allowed on the Active roster (unless you already have 10 Devy players on Taxi Squad)

Rosters need to be at in-season requirements by September 1st at 8pm ET.

Off-season (January 9th-August 31st)

Rosters will be 35 max, you may go over during any draft.

IR / Taxi squad is turned off between January 9th-August 31st and all IR / Taxi squad players are moved to active roster.

If you fail to meet requirements by deadline, you will locked out of trading and waivers.

If it's not fixed by Week 1, you'll receive a ZERO for Week 1.

If it's fixed by start of Week 2, you may be removed from the league.

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