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Cowboys at Colts (1 Viewer)

Really Cowboys?  The one game of the year (unless you play New England) that I'll cheer for you, and you do this?

literally couldn't have been a more obvious play on that 4th and 1. Great call on 3rd and 1, but all of that is lost on such a bad call. especially after a time out

There's the eagles fan crying

As soon as we hear about the injuries the day will be complete 😂
wrong here. i got money on Dallas +7.5,  don't care either way if they win or lose outside of that. Why throw a flag on T.Y. Hilton when no on saw anything

Why is a block in the back 5 yards, a hold in the backfield 10 yards, and a hold in the secondary five yards?

To be fair he has definitely blown some opportunities in this game.  Second time he had Hilton matched up vs. a LB for an easy TD and he missed him.
Wait, other quarterbacks who are more experienced, have better offensive lines and were first rounds picks miss players?????

Nice drive to open the half.

It almost looked like one team made some nice adjustments at halftime and the other didnt


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