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Darrent Williams will not start (1 Viewer)


Lingering soreness and a lack of recovery time likely will not keep cornerback Darrent Williams out of the Denver Broncos secondary Saturday night, but his initial hopes of playing a full-time role have faded. Williams on Monday said he was only about 60 percent healed from a pulled right groin he suffered on the opening kickoff Dec. 11 against the Baltimore Ravens. He believes he will be used as an extra cornerback but will be unable to resume his return role on special teams in an AFC divisional playoff game against the New England Patriots. "Returning's out because with returning, it's full speed and I'm not able to go full-go like that, and then the odds of reinjuring it increases more than me just playing defense," he said. "I think I'll probably just play nickel this week." Williams slowly has worked back into practice the past couple weeks. He pushed harder Monday "going as fast as I could," and felt "all right." "I think I did pretty good out there," he said. Williams was asked if at less than full strength he would be able to keep up with the Patriots "rabbits" at receiver, including speedster Tim Dwight and crafty Troy Brown, who supplement starters Deion Branch and David Givens. "I think I'd be the fastest rabbit out there," he said of when he's completely healthy. "I'm just a wounded rabbit now. But I can still run around and chase some of those guys." Williams was injured chasing the Ravens' B.J. Sams, then reaggravated the injury playing defense. He missed games against the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers. He stressed it isn't his call if he plays against New England, but if the week goes like it did Monday, he'll be playing "for sure." Champ Bailey and Domonique Foxworth would start at cornerback.

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