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David Patten - Questionable (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

David Patten WR Groin Limited Participation in Practice Questionable

Post any relevant injury news here.

Please note that this is not a who do I start thread regarding this player.

Any posts not relating to the latest injury news will be deleted

Please go to the assistant coach forum if you have a lineup decision to make.

Per Fanball:

New Orleans Saints Week 4 inactives Sunday 9/28, 11:04 AM CT

Week 4 inactives: WR Marques Colston, DB Randall Gay, RB Aaron Stecker, DB Aaron Glenn, FB Mike Karney, OT Jermon Bushrod, TE Jeremy Shockey, and DE Josh Savage.

Our View: Wide receiver David Patten (groin) and left tackle Jammal Brown (hip) are active, which is good news for this offense.
He's not on the inactive list and is expected to play I believe. How much he'll contribute after only practicing on a limited basis Friday is yet to be seen.

Patten is playing, but per the Blogger Moore is starting. With a groin problem, I would anticipate Patten only being used in certain packages. I am personally starting Moore this week with confidence.


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