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DB Tye Hill (Rams) - Good Upside in Dynasty? (1 Viewer)


Was wondering your take on DB Tye Hill.

The guy was a 1st rd pick in 2006. Started the 1st 2 games this season and was benched week 3, although he did play. Now he is back in the starting line-up.

I was wondering if he will be able to maintain his avg #'s per game so far: He had 6 tackles in each of his 3 games + 1 pass defended in games 2 & 3.

HE is currently ranked as DB16 in my league. We start 3DLs, 2 LBs and 3 DB's + 2 IDP flex on defense....

My league scores:

Tackles: 2 pts

Assist: 1 pt.

Sack: 4 pts

Pass Defended: 1 and INT: 5

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Hill will benefit from being just bad enough to give himself plenty of tackle opportunity. Those kinds of corners are volatile on a week-to-week and season-to-season basis. He looks good for the immediate future, but isn't a great bet to be a consistent option over time.


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