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Jarran Reed week 12 stat corrections (1 Viewer)


I didn’t know where else to post so I thought maybe this would gain some traction here. I spot started Jarran Reed in week 12 in my idp league. He played 28 snaps before exiting with an injury. In the box score he was credited with 2 solos, an assist, and a half sack. This was good for 6.25 points in my league. 

after stat corrections on Thursday I saw he got me 0.00 points. Weird. I’ve never seen someone go from 3-4 entries on the stat sheet to zero. After looking into it further I see not only did the NFL take away all of his stats but he went from have 1 Games Played to 0 Games Played. Basically the NFL wiped out his entire existence in week 12. 

Did this impact anyone else? Anyone ever seen anything like this before? I’m not holding my breath for a stat correction on a stat correction but it stinks because there’s about $300 in prize money (for most regular season points) in my league that could come down to less than 2 points  

That is a big change. Usually it's 1 tackle. That sucks if it costs you a big prize. No idea what happened... maybe the stat crew got the number wrong and gave stats to him when they should have gone to his replacement? 

Looks like they gave one of his tackles to Rasheem Green, one tackle to Akeem King and the half a sack to Quinton Jefferson.  I am guessing these are correct adjustments since they were assigned to someone else.  I am not sure why they took away his game played though.  That seems odd. 


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