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Declare Addai out already ! (1 Viewer)

Beau Tocks

The GTD on this Colt back is growing tiresome. I will be @ work Sunday 1:00 pm EST with no computer access in the biggest game of my fantasy season. I need to know if I can plug in Rhoades with the utmost confidence or stay with R.Grant as my #2. Come on Dungy get off the cotton picking fence and bench the porcelain doll !! :popcorn:

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As someone who is playing against the Addai/Rhodes owner I hope this drags on a little further. :popcorn:

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Even if Addai starts I think Rhodes will have a good game with at least one TD. He will be the workhorse in the second half against the worst run defense in football.

It is so thoughtless of Dungy to play around with the minds of the FF fans out there. Who does he think pays his salary?

If Addai is out and IND clubs DET in the first half I would not be surprised to see a lot of Davenport and whoever else is on the roster at RB in the 2nd half. Why would IND risk depleting their RBs even further by giving Rhodes a ton of carries? That being said I still see Rhodes with close to 100 yds and a TD.

Detroit has played their last 3 road games pretty tight - no blowouts. Don't be surprised to see the starters in there for the majority of the game for the Colts.


This all seems familiar..don't know if there is new data, but it's dated today 12/13/2008

Starter Joseph Addai (shoulder) hasn't practiced all week. No. 3 running back Chad Simpson (ankle) practiced for the first time Friday. Both are listed as questionable, and Najeh Davenport, a free agent signed Tuesday, is cramming to learn the complexities of the Colts' no-huddle offense.

Dominic Rhodes would seem destined to get the bulk of the carries.
I think I have basically placed Addai on IR for my team.

I don't have THAT great of second options, (Choice/HMiller) but this week has TOO much uncertainty, and if I am lucky to make it to week 16 I am still not sure I want to take the chance if he is declared the starter on Tuesday.

I am one of the guys who traded for him for his easy schedule, and that will obviously not work out.

I don't want to continue to throw him out there for pride, when other options can put up serviceable stats.

I will count my losses, and hope he has some value in 09.

I am one of the guys who traded for him for his easy schedule, and that will obviously not work out.
You have got to be bold if you want to win, so it just didn't work out this time. I tried to trade for him, but couldn't pry him from his owner.I can one up you, though...I traded DeAngelo for Cutler, since I had Brady and Schaub and was hurting at QB. Fortunately, I loaded up on mid-round RBs and ended up with TJones, ChJohnson, LenDale, Jon Stewart, PThomas and picked up Hillis, DRhodes after my trade for depth.
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