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Does anybody care about quarterback scoring? (1 Viewer)

Consider shifting to 2QB or Superflex - QB scoring gains much more importance.
Superflex is better than standard, but creating artificial scarcity makes way less sense than just un-nerfing passing yards.
Why do people say Superflex creates artificial scarcity, yet they start 2-3 RBs and WRs and even add regular Flex on top of that? Do people play 1 QB 1 RB 2WR 1 TE anymore? NO....How is starting 2 RBs not also creating artificial scarcity?

End rant....
he real take away, that puts the claim to rest, is Mahomes vs Geno. They both had the same finish in both formats, but the gap was only 107 in one format, then jumps to 133 in the other format. That slight spread continues down the entire ranking board, but the point is, as TDs become more valuable that gap gets bigger and bigger between them, meaning Mahomes DOES become more valuable relative to the field at his own position.
Yes, it increases the gap for the elite QB's vs the rest of the field as you have pointed out. So it raises the value of the elite guys to be drafted in the first round but in a 1 QB league after those first few elite guys get taken the difference diminishes and you are still not losing much by taking the QB12 off the board vs the QB5 or QB8. Add in that in any given year those QB5 to QB15 guys are interchangeable where you don't really know who will be in those places that it benefits you to wait because you have just as good a chance of the guy you getting stuck with will be better than the guy taken as QB7.
Bottom line is you don't have to do a ton of tweaking to scoring to craft a SF league with parity across all positions. And it opens up many strategic possibilities to work with.
This is the key to making SF work. If your scoring system is out of whack that makes a SF league into a 2QB league because the scoring dictates that then you aren't giving yourself a chance. Balanced scoring where any position can be suitably used in the SF spot allows for varying team builds and shakes up the draft to be more unpredictable. This is the key.
I love fantasy football, but something that drives me absolutely crazy is how quarterbacks are valued so much less than in the NFL. I've tried to create my own leagues with modified scoring, with some minor success, but interest in changing anything about the standard scoring system seems to be more or less nonexistent. Do you think quarterback scoring should be changed? If not, why? If so, message me 😉
Points for the team winning
MFL has an option/position called Coaches. We do 3 points for a win.

I don't see the win option for QBs, but they have Point Differential. I suppose you could set it up like "If point diff >0, then = 3 points scored".
Points for the team winning

I've often thought this would be a great addition for leagues.
We’ve thought about this in our league, but a potential issue has been assigning credit (or blame) to the QB in many cases. For example, a QB could have a truly awful game, but gets bailed out by his team’s defense and/or special teams.
I don't see a picture problem with that.
I've seen QBs have terrible games but still throw for a lot of yards and TDs.
It works both ways

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