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Douche Move by 1 Owner and 1/2 the League or were we just stupid? (1 Viewer)


Just venting now after a week of steaming...............

So my 2 sons and I (run 1 of 12 teams) are in a semi competitive league ($500 entry fee) run by a friend of one of my nephew (who is also in the league, along w/ my boys grandpa). We finish as the top seed even after losing Chubb for the season. So there are 3 of us from one family, and the rest are college friends.

7 of 12 teams make the playoffs, and we get a 1st round bye. Each round of playoffs is 2 week cumulative score.

Our QB1 (Josh) and QB2 (Lamar) have a bye the 1st week of our semi's, so we put in claims on 4/5 of the available QB's.

5 of the 8 of the teams that are OUT of the playoffs (not playing for anything, and it is not a dynasty league) and have waiver positions before us PICK UP all the available QBs. So we have to pick up a back up and hope he plays. We end up losing by 8 points (ESPN scoring) over 2 weeks even though we played w/o a QB in week 1.

Turns out, or opponent PROMISED the other 5 teams 1/2 of his incremental payout to have them pick up the QB's before we could get them.

Now don't get me wrong, we COULD have done something the week before and picked up a QB, but never did we think that one would not be available.

Needless to say, I think we'll find another league to play in next year.

The mistake is letting teams not in the playoffs have the ability to make waiver claims.
I've played in many leagues for many years and this was never allowed.
You were done in by a rule that shouldn't be there and an owner who used that rule and colluded you out of the playoffs.
First of all, teams eliminated should have had their rosters frozen so they could not complete any transactions. Secondly this is a clear example of collusion. Teams eliminated from competition are paid to make moves to help another team win.

I would be raising holy hell and would definitely never play with those guys again. I would have asked for those claims to be reversed as soon as they happened. When I found out that the other guy paid them to do so I would ask for a refund of my entrance fee.

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