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Please rank these WR's for remainder of year (waiver wire help) (1 Viewer)


Hi All, We start three WR/TE's and this is for my backup slots. I have Demario Douglass on the roster, with the following WR/TE's available on the waiver wire:

Jameson Williams, DET
Zay Jones, JAX
Shakir, BUF
Likely, BAL

Curious if anyone has any insight into which 1-2 of the above are worth holding. The league is 0.5 PPR, playoffs are week 15-17.

What do you want out of the roster spot? A boom player that if he hits he is in your lineup every week? A floor player that you can play as a spot starter? This matters as to how you go. Also, is this going to replace Douglas or are you dropping someone else? Who are the drop candidates?

I would rank them this way:
  • Jamo: Ceiling play. He seems to be getting more snaps and has the ability for a big play and big week anytime but has an extremely low floor. If you just want a stash hoping he hits this is probably my choice
  • Zay Jones: This is the floor play. We know what he can do when healthy and as a spot starter that I would have confidence putting in the lineup with a known role this is the guy
  • Shakir: Probably the best of the floor/ceiling combo. Talk is he has earned more time and is coming along. Waldman had a nice write up about him this week.
  • Likely: Do you need a TE? If not, I probably leave him alone.
I would choose ... likely ... (long pause) ... Shakir. Get it? But yeah seriously Shakir is who I would pick.

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