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Draft Kings Best Ball (1 Viewer)


Has anyone entered any Best Ball lineups on DK? If you enter now you get your first entry back in DK dollars, so basically a freeroll for the first entry.

Does footballguys have any specific articles about DK best ball? I'm looking for specific roster construction suggestions... how many QBs, RBs, etc. Thanks!

Mods - I don't think this should be in the daily forum since it is best ball but if I'm wrong just move it over there.
I have been doing fan duel best balls, but will check out draft kings. They did not offer best balls last year.

Not sure of any lineup differences.
Anyone else?

MTskibum - what are your roster construction thoughts on Fan Duel in terms of # of QBs, RBs, WRs, etc.?
What I struggled with last year is really trying to figure out how to get the settings on the Draft Dominator in a good spot to use for these.

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