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Dunn as a top 10 this week? (1 Viewer)


NO has only given up 7 TDs and 110 yards/game. For a guy who's only gotten two TDs all year I just don't see him doing much. Especially with Caddy getting more involved. My prediction for Dunn = 65/75 yards, 0 TDs.

PPR leagues maybe.



7 rec

optimal- (very high water mark):


10 rec


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weather will make it tough to pass -- more reliance on the running game today.
Secondly, New Orleans' defense is very tough against one-dimentional offenses. Tampa is balanced, and against balanced offenses, the Saints are swiss cheese. Dunn is the feature back (Caddy may get a little more work, but I doubt it's too much) and is great OOTB. I don't see how Dunn finishes with less than 130 total yards & at least 1 TD, barring injury of course.

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