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[Dynasty] 2024 NFL Draft Prospects (4 Viewers)

What does everyone think of Ray Davis RB Kentucky?

RB with the right size (5-foot-10, 215 pounds) to play a lead back role in the NFL; tough runner with speed (Reel Analytics has him with a top speed of 21.7 miles per hour on his 75-yard touchdown run on October 2; Eight of his carries went for 10 or more yards against the Gators) and elusiveness. He was pegged by some as a day 3 draft pick prior to the start of this year, and while that might still be the case in the current era of RB devaluation, it feels like his draft stock is rising and a day two selection is not out of the question.
What does everyone think of Ray Davis RB Kentucky?
/Nod no. His stats do not scream lead back in the NFL. Has already had to transfer twice. If you look at his teammate Demie Sumo, he is producing similar Ypc numbers. I would keep an eye on Isaiah Davis. He is going undrafted. Just needs a good landing spot. Waiting for combine numbers. His stats are what you want to see from small school prospects.

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