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Dynasty : How Do You Know When To Rebuild ? (1 Viewer)


Hopefully it’s okay starting a thread for this topic . I’ll try not to border it into being an Assistant Coach style thread, by asking the general questions on my mind, whilst using one of my own rosters as an example. I’m relatively new ( 3 years ) to dynasty and have never had to face this question before as I took over a decent orphan squad and improved it. 

So, how do you know when is the right time to rebuild a dynasty roster ? 

Do you look at the ages of your sellable assets, and even if you have a good roster, decide that the very near future might be the best time to get some return on them and make the move ? 

Should it be predicated on what offers you are able to receive for said players ? Of course, to a degree I think. 

How small should the remaining contending window be before you decide to rip it up and try and create a bigger one whilst you can ( ie have players of value to sell )  ? 

Or perhaps, you just ride with what you have, hope to make some good draft picks along the way that can bolster it, and keep going until the wheels come off. 

Or just send multiple multiple trade offers out and keep trying to improve ? 

Is there a moment for a good squad where it’s time to write off 1-2 seasons max and do a short rebuild. This isn’t as obvious as having a terrible squad and knowing you need to rebuild 

I'm very interested in how the more experienced members of this board reach this kind of decision as I’ve clearly made some errors along the way and maybe backed myself into a corner. 

The example roster/situation I’d use as an immediate tool to try and have something tangeable to apply to these questions would be thus….

12 team, 0.5ppr, not super flex. This team is currently 6-6 ( double headers ), whilst being 3rd highest scorer and is about to go 0-2 this week in bye hell. 

QB - Carr, Lawrence, Dalton 

RB - Elliot, Kamara, Gaskin,  J Williams, Edwards, Kelley, D Evans, Ozigbo, Doaks 

WR - Jefferson, A Cooper, Thielen, Kupp, Chark, P Williams, G Davis, K Raymond, C Moore, Benson, Merritt, Swain 

TE - Schultz, Parham, Arnold, Firkser

Things to note …

I had no 21 or 22 draft picks due to trading for Kamara last year 

Brees retired and Newton flamed out. Pre season I was offered 21 1.12  and 22 1st rounder for Josh Jacobs. Felt it was too good to turn down. Used the 1.12 to draft Trevor Lawrence and re-energise QB. 

Was offered ‘23 1st rounder and 4th for Shenault. Again, felt too good to turn down. 

This season is close to being a wash which in my mind leaves only really next season where I can confidently  say that Elliot and Kamara will continue to be the spine of an RB corps. 

Should this team rebuild ? See what can be got for Elliot, Kamara, Thielen and maybe one more WR, load up big on ‘23 draft picks, keep Lawrence and the main spine of the WRs + TEs, tank for rest of this year and next then draft young RBs/players in ‘23 to add to a good core of WRs and be good to go in 23. 

Or should it keep going this year from what will be a 6-8 position after week 7, hope to slip into playoffs and do something, maybe use that 22 1st to add someone here and now and just keep going ? 

Im more interested in answers to the general questions stated at the start as this isn’t the only dynasty league I’m in, it just felt like this roster and situation fit the bill. 

Apologies in advance if it’s felt this thread shouldn’t be here l, and feel free to move it if needed. 

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You know it's time to rebuild when you're a middle of the league team and old.  Best spots to be in a dynasty league is either top 4 or at the bottom.

It's always easy to see a rebuild is necessary with a bottom feeder, but recognizing it's time with a mid-range team can keep you from getting to that bottom feeder status. 

Player age and my team's record are the biggest factors for me. Any time a team seems stuck in that 7-9 draft pick range (assuming 12 teams), I will look to shake it up, at the very least. That is especially true if I have some aging stars and they just aren't enough to really keep me in contention with the best teams in the league.

Deciding to make that move is tough, but once you do you want to move older players before their value tanks. Getting them off your roster serves a dual purpose: adding picks and removing the points from your weekly lineups. 

As far as the specific team, I'd be shopping Elliot. He's top 3 this year and any contender would gain a huge advantage if they added him (assuming they aren't stacked at RB already) so take advantage of that. He's good, but he's got high mileage and a very strong backup that will likely be used to lighten his load as he gets even higher in his mileage. If the Dobbins owner is in the hunt and needs an RB, that'd be a nice target. JK + 1st (more if you can) would be a great way to get the points out of your lineup while adding a potential young stud RB. Not likely to move many of those other pieces, honestly. 

Middle to last in points for with no hope in sight, your team''s not showing any boom potential, your older players are producing but you just are missing too much compared to your leading opponents.

If I hit 0-6 and 0-7 then it's a fire sale. Right now I'm 2-4 (started 0-4) and my team is red-hot and turning it around. Gotta give it til mid-season or near the trade deadline in your league to have a full plan. Strike deals with league managers if you're selling older assets and they have injuries or could use a win now boost. 

Your current team has two high end RB1s, two high-end WR1s. Absolutely no need to rebuild. If anything, sell Thielen for some pieces and get out fully of minnesota's passing game. I bet you could flip Thielen for a more consistent low-end QB1 that's a bit older (Rodgers or Brady?) Or even try to buy Cousins for super cheap to get a stack with Jefferson only. 

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I agree somewhat with JohnnyU in that it's time to rebuild when your team is at that certain point, BUT I wouldn't call this a complete rebuild. Call it a re-tool, or whatever you will, but you don' t need  to throw everything away. Simply see what you can get for:    Carr, Elliott, Gaskin, Amari, Thielen, Chark, Firkser to "slowly upgrade" while you're still quasi-competitive.

Firkser + 4th may get you a 3rd;     Thielen + that 3rd may get you a 2nd;   Cooper+that 2nd may get you, etc., etc..

No reason to throw everything away when you can gradually improve BUT you need to start sooner rather than later to get takers/results to begin next year.

What I don't understand is why you sold Jacobs, when you sold out earlier to grab Kamera, then dumped your depth. I would have been doing everything to support that trade. 

You need to set your game up and play it out. A slow start is not a reason to blow it up. A chip and a chair is all you need in the playoffs and the cash. Even if you miss you can win an extra pick in the toilet bowl.

At least wait until the trade deadline to blow it up when you are out of it.  

Interesting replies guys, apologies for delay in posting back here I was out of signal the day after I posted it, saw no notifications and kind of presumed it had tanked with no reply ! 

I've been in dynasty for 23 years and I honestly don't think I've ever been in full rebuild mode (maybe in year 2 or 3).  I always have my eye on both sides of the coin: win now and build for later.  I really don't have any advice as to how you do that or insight as to how I've done it, I just think it's a balance.  I don't see any reason in the world for you to do a rebuild, you're 3rd in scoring!  You just have to ride that out and hope the wins come.  I think the ideas some people have posed (what can you get for Elliot, how do you combine assets to upgrade players or draft picks, etc. while maintaining your core) is that balanced approach.


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