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Eagles no longer a viable option? (1 Viewer)

I know I'm dropping Akers for any other viable kicker on high scoring offenses or with good mathchups down the stretch -- Bryant, Rackers, Carney, etc.

By the wording I think he's referring to the D/ST. I'm debating what to do on this myself. Philly in collapse mode vs. someone like Miami who are middle of the pack in our scoring system but have decent playoff matchups.

I'm not sure what to think of Westbrook at this point - is anyone sitting him at home against AZ?
:shrug: I've made the decision to go with Leon Washington over Westy this week. Both are pretty much a guarantee for 30-40 total yds but at this point, Washington has the potential to be a hr hitter. Westy no longer has that ability and Reid won't even allow him the opportunity even if Westy still had the ability.
in the weekly upgrades/downgrades column the D/ST was downgraded with the qoute that they were no longer a viable option. I don't know if I agree - I don't think they will get steamrolled again like they did against the Ravens. The offense was just so bad in that game, even stil lthe DEF tends to make some big plays and they're special team alone might be worth a play over other middle of the road DEFs.

PHI DST was having an awesome day until the offense kept turning the ball over and setting up BAL in the redzone. If McNabb and company find a way to get some stability, PHI DST will be fine. Right now I wouldnt trust them against ARI or NYG in the next coming weeks. Im thinking about picking up OAK or IND DST for those weeks off waivers. OAK has been putting up decent numbers, IND isn't great but they face Brady Quinn this week and CIN next.

For mot of the rest of the season, the Eagles D has a tough schedule:

Arizona, Giants, Dallas, Washington are 4 of the remaining games, and 3 of those teams are explosive, and Washington is pretty good as well. The flip side for the arizona game is that they have 3 good corners.

I've got them in one league, and am looking to drop them, but it's really dicey - the teams ont he wire elicit no confidence, and the Eagles gave up a bushel of points mostly due to a horrid O.


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