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Early Fav for the Dolphins Draft Pick? (1 Viewer)


Ok.... where is the "late fav for the Rams Draft Pick?" thread?
I think we'd probably want to see a Rams fan actually get that thing started. You and Levin are 'Phins fans, no? But I guess there's really no written rule. It'll have a little more juice if we some Ram fan activity. Maybe a thread to start the thread?? ;) Btw, where are your boys going with that 2nd rounder?
No, Not a phin fan. I am a Raider fan and I am a fan of the NFL draft. (Man, I get too excited about it!) I started this thread back last season more so because I had not followed college as closely as I normally do last year and the Dolphins locked up the #1 overall.As for the Dolphins, they could pretty much go for almost any position with that 2nd since they have so many holes.

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