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Eddie Royal and Desean Jackson: o/u on total catches this season. (1 Viewer)


Two guys in very similar situations.

Are they one game wonders?

How much will the return of their teammates cut into their productivity?

At this point I'd guess Royal's over/under is at around 55 and Desean's is about 45.

Which guy would you say is more likely to sustain his week 1 success and turn into a legitimate fantasy contributor?

You are way under on both. Add 20 to each. Royal - 75, and Jackson - 65.

You can see the obvious talent of both these guys, and they run good routes.

Jackson has a larger probability of his receptions dropping upon the return of Curtis and Brown. Regardless, his talent is apparent. He will get his.

Royal will be he beneficiary of a very good Denver offense. Marshall will get double teams, and Royal will still get his receptions.

In a return yards league, DeSean Jackson was looking to be useable goin in, so he's fine there. Royal was somewhat thought to be, as well.

Jackson won't see as much of a target drop as you might think. There will be lot less of Greg Lewis/Jason Avant when those 2 return, and Curtis isn't close to back yet - he's progresing. Jackson could be at or near 40 by the time Curtis returns roughly halfway through the year. Hank Baskett, King of the reaaaaalllly loooong TD, will get his, though.

I think Royal likely just pushed Darrell Jackson to the #3 WR spot in Denver. And they find creative ways to get him the ball - so he will get more touches than just catches.

I'd say Jackson could hit 75 if he doesn't wear down.

Royal on the other hand won't be featured like he was in week 1 unless Marshall is out again, I'll say 55 for Royal.

The return of Kevin Curtis is still looming as an important variable for Jackson. Will Curtis help or hinder Jackson's numbers? Will Marshall help or hinder Royal's going forward?

Brian Westbrook is a vacuum for receptions and Denver has nobody in their backfield that commands touches like Westy. I think both guys should have solid rookie campaigns, but Royal figures to be the more consistent performer on a weekly basis.

I would bet on Royal.


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