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Ekeler Value IF Melvin Gordon is Out vs. Tennessee (1 Viewer)


So Melvin Gordon got the Questionable tag on Saturday - go here for Stephania Bell's opinion on the injury


Good chance that Gordon does play and is just fine, also might play and be limited, or might sit - Game Time Decision (in London, so 9:30 AM EST Start)

Assuming Gordon is actually out, how high would you rank Ekeler (might as well comment on both PPR and Standard Value)

I just checked Tremblay and he updated his PPR ranks at 8:18 PM today and put Ekeler at RB4.  Dodds updated at 9:03 PM and has Gordon still at RB3 and Ekeler at RB36.  Bloom has Ekeler at RB10 at the moment in PPR and Gordon is unranked.

Obviously a fluid situation that needs to be monitored.  Any thoughts?

So, with the assumption Melvin does not play (or is used as a decoy?), I would expect Eckler as Tier 2 RB in line with CMC & Sony M this week.  His catches will be a good part of his ppr value.  Edge Top 10 RB level of use, expectations. 

Tenn has a reasonable Def, but they are on a downward spiral right now and the ealy London game will not help them. 

They brought in a RB from the practice squad this week, so Gordon's playing is in serious question.


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