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Fanduel Week 7 (1 Viewer)


Early 4th quarter, winning nothing despite having ETN as my MVP in several lineups. :tfp:

Sometime in the 4th after Hill scores, one lineup now will double up for $18. :yawn:

Kamara 2 pointer takes it to $19. :towelwave:

Notice I'm not that far out of first and need a Kirk TD. :hophead: :grad: :nerd:

Kirk scores, under 3 minutes to go, tied first first with 90 people staring at a $3300 payout. :eek: :headbang::suds:

Under review. :penalty::popcorn:

It stands. :clap:

Sweat time. :scared:

I have Hill, Kamara, and Thomas :shark:

Kamara 15 yard run (Kamara tops ETN at MVP), sometime in the waning moments on the last drive I'm now in second with a $57 payout. :violin::kicksrock::wall::sadbanana:

But there's hope....Saints could score and we go to OT or Saints could stall and turnover the ball on downs with all three timeouts left meaning ETN will get some touches. :brush:

Get the turnover on downs but Carr gets hurt and the Saints burn a timeout. :clyde:

Me :cry:

You :ptts:
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