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Fantasy Impact of Changing Offensive Schemes/Coaches (1 Viewer)


If there isn't a thread dedicated to this then there should be... Let me bring up a couple that I know but feel free to comment on any team/player.

1) Colts - moving to west coast style attack. How does this impact Luck/Wayne/Hilton/Bradshaw? I'm not positive but I think it hurts both Wayne and Hilton a bit since the ball will be distributed more to the TEs/RBs and around the WR core, instead of Wayne/Hilton getting as many targets as they may have had under Bruce Arians.

2) Jaguars - moving to zone scheme. Assuming MJD is healthy, how does this affect him? In general, how does moving schemes affect top-talent runners? It didn't work for McFadden last year but he's not as motivated/talented as MJD.

What other teams?

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Colts - I don't think this hurts Wayne. His route running and hands will be an asset in this offense, I suspect. His YPR was already pretty low, so I think he sees 80+ receptions again. I think Allen or Fleener emerges. Fleener is of course familiar with the offense, but Allen might actually be the better player. I'm unfortunately not down to try to guess here, so I'll let someone else gamble. As for Bradshaw, i think he he stays healthy, this will be a good offense for him.

Jags - MJD has more pressing issues than a scheme change. The lisfranc, lack of cartilage, career workload, and lack of passing game scare me more than a new blocking scheme.

Philly - WRs will have limited upside, I think. There should be enough carries that Bryce Brown can be a decent RB3. It'll be interesting to see if his size gets him some goal line love or if his fumbles will keep him between the 20's.

Bears - very excited to see Cutler possibly throw the ball over 500 times with decent protection to decent receivers. I think Cutler emerges as a fringe QB1 while at least one guy aside from Marshall and Forte becomes a fantasy starter. My money is on Bennett, but Jeffery could possibly become a fantasy WR3.

Bills - hard to get excited about the possibility of a rookie QB possibly taking over at some point. I think this offense will have some growing pains this year and next. Really raises a red flag for Spiller. I'm not going to predict a bust, but I am going to predict that I draft him in 0% of my leagues.


Chiefs - Charles could be the next Westbrook and Bowe could be a poor man's TO. I don't know much about the offensive line except that they cut Winston who was actually pretty good for them last year. I'm not sure how Alex Smith will fit into this offense. My gut tells me this team could experience some growing pains. I'll probably avoid for now and possibly look to buy low mid-year.

Browns - a lot hinges on Weeden. I haven't formed a solid opinion on him yet, so I don't know what to say here. With Norv being brought in as the OC, things could be interesting. He's done a good job in the past, but he destroyed SD last year. They pretty much crashed and burned, going from the #1 or #2 offense in 2010 to the 31st in 2012. Maybe Norv has lost it, maybe Weeden isn't good. I don't know. I feel like Greg Little is an interesting guy to gamble on. He'll be in his third year and Gordon is going to miss the first couple games.

Bolts - Very excited about this change. I've said a couple times here that Norv and the GM sunk this team. Losing VJax and the deterioration of the o-line has really hurt, but the play calling got really stale, too. I was sick of watching Mathews run right into trash at the line of scrimmage or even getting hit behind the line on predictable up the gut runs time after time. McCoy and Whisenhut have been very adaptable in their past, so I think they find a way to squeeze some life out of this unit and at least partially return it to glory. Borderline top 10 offense. I think all the pieces outperform their ADPs. Particularly interested in Rivers and Mathews.

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