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Fbg Homer Thread (1 Viewer)

Brave Sir Robin

Who do you root for (Not the Aussie kind of root)?


Baltimore Ravens-roadkill1292, JZilla

Buffalo Bills-Amish_Mechanic, berndog, FrostBite, Hobo Roach, Drew 11

Cincinnati Bengals-LadyBeBop, ProudestMonkey, mashedbananas

Cleveland Browns-Billdawg

Denver Broncos-Pregame James, Panzer, Spanky24

Houston Texans-Bonfire, firecrackerfreakshow

Indianapolis Colts-Quagmire, JohnnyU, Muntucky Maverick

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs-Hoosier Daddy?

Miami Dolphins-dolfanatic, Kirby, Chris Smith, CHEF, Jimmy James, Frodo, Richard

New England Patriots-BallBag, PatsFan23, KKrew, XNOUGHT, PMENFAN, air-fryar, Goal To Go Girl, Guru

New York Jets-chitlins3, spudsfan

Oakland Raiders-GoRaiders, Harv72b, dcgangstas, kaso, Silver & Black, Raiders37, Shadowfax

Pittsburgh Steelers-toenail 23, Ryno83, LaneOfSteel™, The Pittsburgh Kid, Steelers, downtowndragons, Bill Young, Tom Servo, AhrnCityPahnder, Steeler Fan

San Diego Chargers-David Dodds

Tennessee Titans-Yah_Shoor_Yoobetchya, Weapon of Mass Instruction, Beckster


Arizona Cardinals-kutta

Atlanta Falcons-Vick2003

Carolina Panthers

Chicago Bears-fightingillini, Power Monster, Redhots GM, icecat4270, Sportin' Woodchucks, Lefty27

Dallas Cowboys-dallas428, potsie, jcool, plymkr, blkgolf23, caglassc, Football Jones, PaceSetter, In Training

Detroit Lions-Al Czervik, pirate, Sinrman, tangfoot, ffweasel

Green Bay Packers-Tony Jabroni, tommy300, The Amalgamated, The Law 09

Minnesota Vikings-Scooby, Skinny, reg, footballman_696969, sstork, Mjolnirs, think, Purple People Eaters, GoDeep, Caledonia

New Orleans Saints-Lauryn Hill, psychobillies, donnjuan, Flying Buddha

New York Giants-Briman, Cerebus

Philadelphia Eagles-Crazy8s, vinwinephans, Mystery Achiever, p i

San Francisco 49ers-Niner Faithful, CSH, shadyridr, FSUDOGS, Cobra Kahn

Seattle Seahawks-Seahawks#45, Smoo, jake, RushRook, shabeeb

St. Louis Rams-Brave Sir Robin, GibbyGarcia

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

Washington Redskins-cc2506

Updated through Guru somewhere on p. 4.

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Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory.Fight Eagles Fight, Score a touchdown 1,2,3!Hit 'em low hit 'em highWatch our Eagles fly.Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to VICTORY!E . A . G . L . E . S . :sleep:

:thumbup: Long suffering Seahawks fan :yes: but can't recall the last time I felt this optimisitc heading into a season like I feel now. And that includes the 80s and coming off our AFC West Conference championship of 99.GO SEAHAWKS in 2003 :D
I am split like NinersFaithful. Grew up on the Eagles and adopted the Jets when I moved to have a local team (Eagles never got Nat'l games then). When they play each other - which they do this season - the Eagles get my cheers.

C !O !L !T !S ! :eek: I've been a Colts fan since 1966. Seen every Super Bowl except 2. Packers vs Chiefs and Cowboys vs Dolphins.

STEELERS! :D Whoa! There's alot of PA folks hangin' out on this board... maybe we should host a FBG party on the Southside (like Fatheads!).Whose game???? :D


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