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Fbg Homer Thread (1 Viewer)

Redskins and the Bengals.16 teams last year had the same or more wins than my two teams combined...ouch!Look for the Bengals to be a playoff team this year though!

Raiders fan since high school (my high school team was called the Raiders as well).Let's just say I've been a Raiders fan for several years. :shock:

All my real passion for one team goes to the University of Michigan. I love pro football but dont really have a favorite team anymore.

Another splitter. Niners (from childhood) and Ravens (homer). They've played each other once and I was on the fence (Niners won). So it will be this year, though playoff implications in Week 13 may affect how I root - if the Ravens are sucking anyway, I'll want the Niners to roll and vice versa (not likely).If you have to chalk me up for one chalk me up for Bal'mer, since there's only been one so far.

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Life-long Oiler Fan... now it's Titans all the way.
I understand your loyalty. For me, it wouldn't matter if the Colts played in Bute Montana, I would be a Colts fan. Also, it's about the tradition, colors, helmets and not what city they play in, or even who the players are. Those things come and go. I've been a Colts fan for 37 years and I'm NOT from Baltimore or Indy, but I would bet that I'm more of a die hard Colts fan than anyone. A friend of mine and myself have visited a Colts game in a different city every year since 1978. Through thick and thin (mostly thin), we show up. That's the reason why I understand your loyalty to the Titans, even though they bare a different name, colors, and least important City. They were once the Oilers and that's good enough.
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Place saver. What did I get myself into?

We need more owners for the NFL Draft by the way.


Panthers, Jaguars, and Buccaneers.

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Denver Broncos-Pregame James, Panzer, Spanky24I have to side with these FFG's w/ such great taste.Plummer will be the bomb this year :yucky: Unfortunately I am not sure in what sense I use the word bomb :shock: Please give me a LT :thumbdown:

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