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FBG Players Championship - Weekly Odds and Ends (1 Viewer)


Just for grins...

Formatting raw, but I think you'll get the jist of it.


Top 30 FPC Teams - Week 1

No Identical Lineups

Top Scoring Team had no Kicker - Badgley late scratch, but had best possible lineup.

Second highest scorer started (3) TE’s and had a Goose-egg from JAX Def.

Fourteen of Top 30 teams had Mcaffery as first selection.

Six teams selected Hopkins with first selection.

Crowder most popular bench rider, followed by a few of: M. Brown, Hockenson, Crowder, and J. Brown.

And… One S. Watkins riding the pine at 46.80 - yikes!

Most popular FLEX combo is WR/RB - least popular TE/TE and RB/RB

Ekeler most popular FLEX player - selected (12) times, followed by Watkins at (6)

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Week 4 -

(4) teams managed to remain in Top 30 through W4.

Average total points for Top 30 running 180-190 per week.

That’s 18+ average points per slot/ per week.

However, large Bye weeks loom… and this will undoubtedly change.

Maintaining a 160-165 total point average per week will keep you within striking distance during playoffs.

Wealth Gap - #1 ranked team with 771.50 total points.

Points between:

1st -     30th     54

1st -   100th     77

1st -   200th     96

1st -   400th   117

1st -   800th   139

1st - 1600th   165

Highest ranked team with 0-4 record, “Twins31” 1026th with 624.50 total points.

Keep on Grinding!


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