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I am looking at the rankings page and was able to import my league and get the listings with all players highlighting my team and the free agents. Very helpful.

Is there a way to get the list of only available players and print that as a cheat sheet? It seems as if all printed cheat sheets are of the entire list including all taken players.

Also, can I just import that data into a spreadsheet to manipulate as necessary? If I can do this I won't need a separate printed cheat sheet.

Thanks for any help.
bumping it to put it back on the first page of threads.

Anybody have any answers?
In the past I’ve done an Alt-Shift (or Option+Shift, I forget) to select the rankings to copy/paste into a spreadsheet so I can mess with the data myself. The Alt (or Option) modifier key selects the data as fields instead of a big dumb chunk of text, so it pastes better into a spreadsheet.

That’s all I got :)
@Joe Bryant is there any thought to being able to sort these rankings to only include available players (free agents)? If you sync your dynasty league it identifies what players are on what teams and what players are free agents. Is there a way to filter this to only show the free agents? If not, it would be a worthwhile addition so that when you print out a cheatsheet from the rankings page it only shows the available players.
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