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Rankings Change - import league broken? (1 Viewer)

Hot Sauce Guy

@Joe Bryant - Seems there’s been a site update, and the imported leagues feature seems to no longer be working.

It appears to be stuck on 12 team non-PPR.

I import my leagues and nothing changes. No drafted players are highlighted.

If I close the page and re-open it, none of my leagues are there (before it showed them on a selectable drop-down). I try to import again - again it shows the leagues, but nothing is applied to the rankings.

I’ve been using the rankings in part for my 16-team IDP start-up draft, so timing is a bit less than ideal. I have other rankings, but the FBG lists are convenient when I’m out and about as I can access via smartphone.

Any idea when these will be fixed? Or, uh, were you aware they were broken?

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