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FBG Shark Pool pick em contest (1 Viewer)

When is the cutoff for entering picks this week? Is it the start of tonight's game, or can people still enter until Sunday's game as long as they don't pick NE or OAK?
You can wait as long as you don't pick NE or Oak. Similarly, you can wait longer if you want to choose the Sunday night game or the Monday night one.
jw, it's opening day so I'll give you break.If you edit the title again after I've told you twice, you will be closing this thread. No questions.You are wasting my time. Please don't.J

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jw, it's opening day so I'll give you break.

If you edit the title again after I've told you twice, you will be closing this thread. No questions.

You are wasting my time. Please don't.

Hey Joe - not sure what the title dispute is about but if its the word "pickem" this isnt exactly a "pickem" contest as we arent picking winners of games, but total points for and against... Pickem is a misleading title for this contest...
WEEK 1 Results (except for one person who has PHI O and D)Total Team23 s ezy23 Mutt23 Merton23 fatness23 cheese23 abe froman23 Angry Beavers23 Carver Lee23 coo2ie23 Marko23 Duckboy23 onegoodeye23 Porkchop23 Wheelhouse23 Joe Kidd23 The Houston Stallions21 BroadwayG21 Gold Plated Nails20 tarheel1unc20 Barlow3220 -OZ-20 UFFLCommish20 Headbutts20 MIKE BRAVO18 Chaos Commish18 B-Deep18 titan2018 3C's18 rzrback7718 duece262618 Riffraff18 Kleck18 dal boys phan18 Stinger Ray18 Bankerguy18 jhexel18 valence18 Alonso de Cordoba18 Waverunner18 S.K.A.18 Interception Irwin18 BoneYardDog18 Uncle Humana18 Blue Peep18 jpeace12118 nova9718 EbTide7318 dickey moe18 dusty18 Dancing Bear18 bucs4life 9918 Hook Em18 nerangers18 abrecher17 BucsZ216 JNox314 reg13 RenegadeGM13 footballman 69696913 yellowdog13 warpedone13 Go Blue12 whefner12 Keith R12 mosesberg12 jdog12 Boot to the Head!12 Milhaus10 elshagon10 Demian10 RudeDogs10 Gamblor7 JAA7 shokker6 cheeseypoof4 FightingWombat4 Husker Power3 Utter Chaos2 spaml0af0 RC940 BassNBrew0 Blue Collar0 jwvdcw0 jurb260 plapla-1 mydixiewreckd-1 aardball44-3 IanTucker-3 Warlord-3 StackTheLine-3 Traders2001-3 Sinrman-4 bshipper-4 Keys Myaths-4 bigtyme-4 yetiknight-4 Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly-4 Bucko #76-7 chisoxzen-7 red93zj-7 makwaloon-9 Ironman-9 Lombardi's Orphan Son-9 kupcho1-9 Legion of Doom-14 VikingMan87-16 Dr. Octopus-17 ThatsaDillyofaPickle-18 amphibianbri-18 SpiFF


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